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A Straight-Edge Screed

An advanced revolutionary raw vegan sista recently wrote this outstanding polemic against alcohol and the destruction it beholds for our people. I had the following to say in response:

This is 1000% heroically true, besides being academically sound and passionately convincing. Thus the most dedicated raw vegan/ fruitarian, which I think can be a way of life approaching the highest form of humanism if done conscientiously and diligently, HAS TO BE COMPLETELY STRAIGHT-EDGE:
Alcohol free
Drug Free
Pharmaceutical Free
Meat Free
Sloth and Laziness Free
Consumerism Free
Materialism Free
Addiction Free
Greed Free
Ignorance Free
Mindlessness Free
Egoism Free
Meaningless Fornication Free
Intolerance Free
And in my hard-honest opinion, Religion Free, Dogma Free, Fatalism Free, etc.

Fruitarianism has to be combined with a will for serious discipline no matter the social consequences. I occasionally associate with those who drink, even smoke marijuana, but I never participate in the usage of intoxicants, to the extent that after years of my friends seeing this, it has had a moderating effect on them; I have even been quoted by a friend as saying “not a drop” when offered alcohol once, but so be it. I agree that the revolution in human society, the Afrikan revolution, the redemption of indigenous peoples and oppressed peoples in the third world, cannot proceed without the removal of alcohol and other intoxicants from our diets.

I have seen videos on Al-Jazeera of the obscene destruction of Australian aboriginal societies by the drink. It is well known that indigenous peoples here in Turtle Island, forcibly circumscribed to concentration camps euphemistically called “reservations,” live terribly short lives and suffer from alcoholism and resultant liver failure en masse. Afrikan and Latin@ communities in the urban quarters of the United Snakes are similarly dispossessed by the infiltration and invasion of alcohol, drugs, and addiction into our lives.

It’s no mystery why among the first concerns of the Cuban Revolution and that of Vietnam were getting rid of brothels in the former and opium dens in the latter. The drug economy and the war on drugs, from the jungles of Columbia and Peru, or the poppy fields of Afghanistan, to the ghettos of America, is a war on oppressed and colonized peoples, based on the perverse addictions of the colonizers and the induced addictions on the colonized as a false escape from the malaise and affliction of colonization itself.

It is so true that alcohol’s appeal and importance is based on capitalism and perpetuated by the marketers which create all manner of psychological enticements for people to drink. Appealing to the low self-esteem of folks, they plaster Budweiser posters all over the subways in my city (NYC) so folks will think drinking that poison will make them super-sexy and glamorous. It is beyond odious to attack human frailties, especially the vulnerabilities of the oppressed, in such a manner as to get people to pay for poison, to put a cash investment into their own demise! Thus is the case for every other useless commodity offered to us in the world of Times Square, the world of Madison Ave and Hollywood, which drives this fragile and false and destructive and immensely wasteful consumer economy on which America’s financial life is now based. What an unsustainable and violent and bleak future awaits us, is indeed enfolding now and has been for ages, if human civilization is permitted to proceed along these anti-human, sicker than sick, empty lines, the road to the proverbial wasteland. Human liberation must jettison such addiction and the very capacity in us to allow ourselves to be taken for a ride by these marketing professionals who are the henchmen of capitalism and the arch-enemies of human wholeness and human freedom. What Karl Marx described as “commodity fetishism” is very real indeed and it has to be demolished. Doing away with alcohol is just the beginning but would make for a very profound one in the content of the message of such a rejection.

The mystery of tagging myself “Precision Afrikan” is actually an homage to the vision of precision straight-edge in the punk movement, which is very strongly opposed to drink, drugs, mindlessness, perversion, irresponsibility and excess in relationships, and so on. I think that a vision of the most serious discipline is the foundation of a model for human liberation that can sustainably meet the needs of communities, pursue pro-human instead of anti-human interests, and protect and humble itself to the planet Earth.

Massive thanks to you for this vigorous opus against alcohol. I am known to be a hardliner, a zealot. But I’m not the only one. Uhuru Sista! The oppressed of Afrika, Asia and Latin America will win (with less beer and more brawn)!

Discipline is greatness. Let the white man drown in his liquor poison if he wants, but he can keep it to himself. Let’s stay disease free, including from the disease of alcholism or even the mere normalization of the state of intoxication, dizziness, and resultant blindness to truth, logic, and will to struggle and persevere.


What do you think? Is my stance too brash, inflexible, impractical, or righteous? Well, look at it this way: we only live once, exactly. Not being a religious person and thus not interested in afterlife talk or any other comforting metaphysical fantasies, I must assert with confidence that none of us are getting out of this place alive. With this limited-time appointment with the universe, why poison the temple? For that is what our bodies are, luminous temples, rare to achieve, altars of our every ounce and iota of experience, knowledge and sensation. We didn’t ask to be born, yet here we are, breathing, blinking, sitting, thinking, reading this blog post.

That said, I find it hard to justify intoxication of any kind, to put us out of touch with reality and reduce our quality of this already fleeting life. Drink and drugs poison the brain, weaken the body, whither our resolve, and demolish our courage. Some say that, for an atheist, I can sound far more religious than those who fear a god, with this sort of talk. But I say that the only sort of life in which we can maximize self-actualization of all of the goals we wish to realize, given the existential plight we are faced with in taking full responsibility for what happens to us in this open, naked universe, is the sort of life characterized by the highest levels of discipline and sobriety. A discerning person needs the clearest eyes. The eyesight of the drunk is dull. Debauchery – an archaic word, perhaps loaded with moralizing or religious connotations – is a no-no for the most serious Afrikans, no matter what they eat. Afrikan vegans need to be hardcore in their disposition, because vegan is not just about what we put in our bodies, but also about the content of our resolve, our politic, our very demeanor. It is a life stance, especially significant to take up as peoples who endure national oppression and underdevelopment almost everywhere we are.

A woman in Ghana, an economics professor returning to Afrika after generations removed in Jamaica and then London, told me that one of the biggest problems amongst Afrikans was a lack of discipline. Discipline is the opposite of corruption, is it not? I’m not an angel. I’m not an ascetic or a monk. I’m not beyond criticism. I’m a complete nobody. And I don’t write this to front like I’m better than anyone. But I don’t care for mediocrity in my life and so try my level best to live a clean life. Clean living is the way to avoid scandals and live long and productive lives.

All in all, when it comes to drink, drugs or smoking, don’t do it. It’s not worth it. It is to me the opposite of veganism, indeed the opposite of human liberation and the humanizing trend in civilization, to choose intoxication and poison over sobriety and health. And to support economies based on exploitation through intoxication, and the related narcotics trade and war on drugs which destroy life for third-world peoples, just because we want to “party,” is hypocritical, cynical, and perverse. Please folks, let us no longer be softies and liberals about these points. Dump the drink and drugs FOREVER.