Dinner – Nori Rolls

Look at this nice dark-skinned food. Fair and Lovely can’t touch this!

In recent weeks I’ve been making a lot of nori rolls for dinner for my evening savory dish in the latter part of a week. The sauce base is like six tomatoes, an onion, a bell pepper, ginger, celery, and sometimes fresh basil or cilantro, all blended. The “meat” that goes into each roll is a handful of shredded or julienne-sliced zucchini (where rice would be in a cooked California roll), and then a stick or two of asparagus, a slice of bell pepper and a few slices of tomato (make sure the bell pepper and tomato filling is sliced slenderly lengthwise so it fits nicely in the roll). But it can be done however with whatever – there are plenty of other tasty veggies under the sun.

You take a sheet of raw untoasted nori paper (I order these online in bulk so it’s affordable), slap it on the bamboo nori roller, dap a big spoonful or two of the sauce and spread it around the bottom two thirds of the sheet, put the zucchini down on the bottom third and the other veggies on the middle third, and then cover the naked top third of the nori paper with more sauce (and throw some sauce atop the zucchini) and roll it up quickly before the paper wilts and deforms as it hydrates. Don’t over-fill each individual roll or it will be too fat and won’t close up nicely and securely. I make like fifteen or more of these at a time, because I’m a hungry man and I eats ’til satisfaction (that’s out of the shreddings of four to six good-sized zucchinis). I don’t bother slicing the rolls up into little sushi-like buns or sections. I prefer to eat them burrito-style, plus why go through all that extra time and trouble getting fancy when I already done spent all that time with all the other dang steps?

So that’s a zucchini-based raw nori roll done the Precision Afrikan way, handled and eaten burrito-style, long-wise. Some good savory nice filling nutritious food for the low fat raw vegans out there that be hungry.

Finally, all praises and respect due to the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. I leave it to the ancestor Charles Mingus and his jazz to contemplate the ongoing struggle.

3 responses to “Dinner – Nori Rolls

  1. yum! i love raw nori rolls! my preferred mix is chopped romaine lettuce, carrots and avo (sometimes cucumber too). can i probe you for your more cost-effective bulk raw nori source?

    • Well, I currently go with the organic raw untoasted nori packs sold by Maine Coast and buy two or three 100 packs at a time, which last me six to twelve weeks (depending on if I get 200 or 300, and how often I make nori rolls; I’m actually moving towards eating them a bit less often so the sheets I have now will last even longer). You might find better value elsewhere, but lately I’ve been going with this brand and vendor. It’s a whole lot cheaper than buying a single ten pack of Eden or Emerald Cove sheets you find at the local health foods store or Whole Foods, as I used to. Getting big stocks is useful if you plan on making them with decent frequency, but they are dry foods so won’t spoil or something if you don’t use them every week.

  2. thanks for the tip! i found a 50 pack decently priced at live live and organic (261 e. 10th st) and will check out your source too! 🙂

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