Good Food.

For all the indomitable fruit-mavens.

Being a busy grad student may have slowed down the blogging, but never interrupts the good eating, the good breathing, the good life. We’re still repping the fruitarian way, the low-fat raw vegan lifestyle, all day and forever. Gonna bring way more content down the pike going forward. Here’s to today’s breakfast – papaya, oranges, apples, grapefruit, and hella bananas not pictured – that might be more fruit-porn than most can handle. Staying fresh, clean, hydrated, active, fit, positive, in the sun (no matter the season), proper and nice. Ona move.

2 responses to “Breakfast.

  1. Freaking awesome, I google searched something along the lines of ‘fruit based vegan, low fat raw vegan’ and I found this. I’m a vegan, aspiring low fat raw vegan and I’m half african. So cool that there are other africans trying it too! 🙂

    • Revolutions! It’s the easiest way to go in my opinion and experience – all fruits all day with a meal of fresh greens (or a smoothie). I’ve been vegan for over twelve years, raw vegan for the past four and low fat raw vegan/ fruitarian for the past three. There are plenty of websites and books dedicated to what’s called low-fat raw vegan, fruitarian, 80/10/10, etc. (i.e.,, The 80/10/10 diet by Dr. Doug Graham, etc.) so keep learning and practicing. I think this diet is the ideal one for humans, is ideal for athletes as a martial artist and power lifter, and yes you can get muscle (with exercise), strength, stamina, ironclad immune system, endurance, and victory with this stuff (I anticipate longevity too but I’m still under thirty so I’m no authority on that, though studies overwhelmingly suggest plant-based diets prevent a host of chronic diseases). Plus, ecologically and evolutionarily, it makes too much sense – that’s why I love the saying “make the world a garden, not a graveyard.” Keep mad fruits around, put something with fresh tender greens together every night, never calorie restrict, drink mad water, get nuff sleep, exercise smartly and consistently, manage and reduce stress, and life will be pretty rewarding. Thanks for coming and keep moving forward!

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