Fruitarian Musculation and Philosophy

I’m moving towards adding a fruitarian fitness and body-building page to this blog. Until I launch such a page, I thought I’d again weigh in on my dietary philosophy with regard to basic well-being. For me, all I eat is fresh raw whole fruits (including non-sweet fruits) and vegetables (leafy greens). It is my conviction that fresh fruits and vegetables are the ideal foods for humans, and that they also make the most ethical sense to eat. That’s all I eat. What I eat is that which I see in front of me at farmer’s markets and produce stands and which suits my palate and hunger. No dried fruits or nuts – they don’t interest me. Nothing exploited or ripped from animals – they are cruel to animals and human physiology alike.

Fresh fruits and vegetables, and by far mostly fruits in proportion to the greens (why I claim “fruitarian” now) – that’s my whole game and song. Historically, I grew up on rice and occasional fish and chicken and milk and cereal and such in a Nigerian household in North Jersey. I went vegan in 1999 (at age 15) and started with soy-based milk and meat replacers, moving in time towards more and more fresh fruits and veggies and whole grains and less stuff that was reminiscent in any way of the old animal-based regime. I went raw-vegan in 2007 in a regime both fresh fruit/vegetable heavy and nut heavy, including exotic stuff like hemp-seed, cacao, trips to pricey raw restaurants for nori-rolls and nut patties, and so on. Since the start of 2009, I’ve been all about just fresh fruits and veggies that are in season and accessible from farmers markets and produce stands where I live.

I don’t eat organic much, both because of the expense and because where I can get produce – family-owned produce joints in my corner of North Jersey – there are few “organic”-labeled varieties. At the chain supermarkets, everything is 30-50% more expensive. Organic varieties (which I can only find at the big franchises) are way past even those aggressive markups. I’m not gonna bother for now.

But all in all, it’s a simple food regime. I eat fresh – stuff that’s not in boxes and packaging, stuff you have to pick and bag yourself – including bananas, watermelon, oranges, mangos, apples, tomatoes, spinach, okra, cucumbers, bell peppers, pomegranate, guava, zucchini, etc. It’s simple, yet quite satisfying.

I don’t count calories. I don’t supplement for micronutrients I’m supposed to fear deficiencies of (i.e. pressed oils or protein powders or B12 – haven’t knowingly had any vitamin or fortified source of that in my body for years and have never been anemic in my life, and haven’t been ill in any way in years). I eat when I’m hungry. I drink water (the only drink) when I’m thirsty. I sleep when I’m tired. I wash with black soap and moisturize with unprocessed raw shea butter. I floss and brush with a soft toothbrush and non-fluoridated toothpaste, I squat when I shit, and for now I don’t shave or comb my hair – just wash and go proudly. Fresh fruits, leafy greens, sunshine, fresh air, exercise, good humans, good rest, good work and a simple, straightforward, natural swagger sustain me.

So, having laid down my general philosophy, I simply hope to share the idea and experience of good fitness and physical culture through simplicity, abundance, hard work and sincerest interest in the growth of others. I don’t have anything to sell – no books, powders, recipes. I would just hope that the plant-based diet becomes more normalized in this world and less denigrated by the ignorant and those with whole industries and cultures of violence to defend.

Getting strong is about weight-bearing, cardiovascular and stretching exercises, with actual muscular hypertrophy and strengthening most dependent on the first item. Getting strong is not about killing and eating animals, ingesting soy powders, etc. Weight-bearing exercise includes simple body-weight exercises like push-ups, squats, burpees, etc. It can be as straightforward or elaborate as one likes or can afford.

I am personally interested in strength and power (as opposed to hypertrophy/bulk alone). Hence my current workout regime alternates full-body speed/power days with full-body strength/muscular endurance days. I.e. in a five day campaign, Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays are about speed and power. Tuesdays and Thursdays are about strength and endurance. My cardiovascular workouts [aside from ballistic kettlebell work] are based on bicycling and walking and occur throughout the week (partly included in practicing active transportation/ body-reliant commuting) and especially weekends (I run less only because I don’t have the best right knee in the world). In the past my regime included regular martial arts practice, though of late I could no longer afford/ find time to do this, and I expect to resume some time in 2011.

My tools include kettlebells, a pull-up bar, chairs (for dips), a mat, a chin-up bar, my bicycle, my body, and the world. Speed and power exercises, which are among my favorite, come courtesy of the kettlebells and the wide variety of power-lifting one can do with them – cleans, [time-interval] jerks, snatches, high pulls, Turkish get-ups, swings, and so on. One can invent exercises with kettlebells and of course use them for all the general weight-training techniques known to humanity – [pistol] squats, lunges, shoulder and chest presses, curls, [renegade] rows, etc. Calisthenic and body-weight workouts combine with non-ballistic weight-training on strength days.

It’s all pretty simple. It’s all pretty cheap. And most of it’s in the attitude. It’s about embracing intuition, cherishing simplicity, shunning cruelty, not fearing, and being oneself. The plant-based diet is in my experience the nicest, having done me over eleven years (some 40% of my life as of my 27th year at present) of good. The physical culture of an active lifestyle and exercise produces endless soldier-soul juice. Especially in the mornings before work, when one deploys military discipline to practice physical and mental strength before the work day and commute, so that body and essence remain in tact and strong in this debasing world.

Fresh fruits and veggies and physical culture give one the strength to withstand Babylon and fight for truth and justice for time to come. Activists and freedom-fighters need to mind and sustain their personal wellness. Stay tuned for a fitness page to be added above soon.

And please comment generously on this missive.

9 responses to “Fruitarian Musculation and Philosophy

  1. I am looking forward to the fruitarian fitness and body-building page. I hope I can do the exercises in my apartment because it is cold in NYC and a gym is out of my starving budget these days. I love the evolution of this site. You never reply to my comments but I know you read them. Good day:)

    • What’s good brotha? All my weight and calisthenic stuff is indoors right now except for my long walks outside, even though it’s not hitting 40°F for the time being and a couple days ago barely hit 25 in the daytime. I was walking around on Tuesday and my face was almost burning with the wind and the icy air. Just gotta get layers and scarves, man – wrap up tight and hit the trenches of the Gotham streets a marchin’! I walk for hours on weekends, and at least an hour or so on weekdays before, during and/or after work. At least we ain’t in the arctic circle- there’s still over 9 hours of daytime and over 10 of daylight (sun-up + civil twilight) to take advantage of here at 40*N at solstice time. Then the days just get longer and better. Thankfully summers happen to be much longer than winters in NJ/NYC. (Gotta internally rationalize and make good on the turning of the seasons somehow!)

      I’m busted in the budget too. Gotta use the tools at hand and the lessons learned and yet to be learned on making your body, the floor, the walls, chairs, etc. into the weight machines. Luckily I invested in some nice kettlebells, a chin-up bar and a mat way back when.

      I read everything. I just get negligent with connecting and replying – no excuse for that. Good look on pointing that out. Gotta try to build community here, or else what good is this little blog? Thanks for checking in, man.

  2. You are an inspiration! I know it takes commitment. I just wish I had have of your resolve to maintain such a natural lifestyle.

  3. very inspirational, man. as of about 3 months, I’ve stopped eating meat. after doing a lot of research, reading blogs such as yours among others, i have decided to take another step forward in progression. I’m going to skip the “raw” superfood, consumerism phase, and just eat simply, as you do. Eat when hungry, drink when parched, nap when sleepy. Eat from the fruit trees and spread their seeds to return the favor of their nourishment.

  4. I really appreciate your story and sharing natural spiritual journey with the world I have just recently underwent an intense self education on veganism and its effects, the human body, spiritual essence, the whole 9, and I can relate to some of your early experiences. None the less I am at peace with my decision to go raw and eat foods that actually preserve life rather than cut it short, and I look forward to walking this path with yourself and others. Have peace.

  5. Just want to give a quick thank you for the inspiration. I’ve read this blog a few times now to stay motivated. I like your straightforward attitude and simplicity with fresh fruit eating.

  6. Loved this article, very simple and encouraging, this is my second time doing raw but I’m doing fruitarian, this is my third day of just fruit. I notice a difference in my workouts, I don’t feel heaviness and can get more air into my lungs, my skin looks different already too. Hugs

  7. This is much needed.

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