Congolese Mood

Some tunes to share with you for the weekend – putting the very last words down on the book right now before bedtime. Congolese mood is strong in me today, always was very compelled by the Congo Basin and equatorial central Africa and everything that comes from there (my Niger Delta’s not too far from there, almost part of the same region, and just as rainy, sticky and bity). FYI the two other pop-cultural poles in Africa for me are Mali and Nigeria. The Malian, Nigerian and Congolese arts and music arenas form my Africa-side cultural trinity, all the way. My longest stay on the continent to date has been in easy breezy Ghana, but they need to step their game up compared to the three titans of West African culture. Ghana does, however, have one of the most beautiful flags in the world:

If I were Ghanaian I’d wear this all the time. I saw oceans of these beautiful black stars when I was in Accra during the 50th anniversary jubilee celebrations in March 2007. Will never forget those memories, Ghana!

Yes, I recognize we have too many flags, too much mere flag independence without real independence, and that Africa must unite! But it is what it is. Ghana’s flag is certainly better designed than Nigeria’s. (You may have noticed the stacks of flags to the right – not even sure what got into me with all that to tell you the truth. But I’ma keep it like that for now.)

Anyway, we’re dealing with Congo-Kinshasa here.

Continuing in the [not veganism or revolution-related] tradition started with the Sharon Jones bump, here’s music from one of my heroes coming out of Congo / Belgium right now, the mighty Baloji. Enjoy!

∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞ Independance Cha Cha 2010 ∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞

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