Is this level of soul legal?

Probably my favorite musical act these days, the immeasurably beautiful Sharon Jones and her fantastic band the Dap Kings performed on the Late Late Show in late June. They did “Window Shopping,” possibly my favorite track off their new album I Learned the Hard Way.

Had to share this because the soul level is so high, such that it might exceed unknown thresholds that bombard other universes with exotic particles. Nothing to do with veganism or sustainability, but so be it. In addition to the beauty of the lead singer and the music itself, the back-up singers are hella fine! Go and enjoy. Can’t wait to catch ’em next Saturday Aug 7 in Brooklyn!

Big posts coming to this blog very soon. Check the new “Writings” tab before you leave! A soulful top of the month to ya!

3 responses to “Is this level of soul legal?

  1. Yo, I’ve watched this video like a dozen time’s since discovering it. It completely blows my mind for some reason. It’s perfect. It’s perfect musicianship. Every instrument and voice is completely at its A-game. This sounds WAY better than the album version. The extra guitar doing them new chords, plus the chorus in the back voicing the violin part in the second verse, is just extraordinary. Commenting on my own post like this is silly, but this is like ultra-music the way there’s Batman and then Ultra-Batman, nah mean? This is musical full-spectrum dominance. As I said, I know dangerous cosmic rays are buffeting the next dimension from these sound-waves. Damn, man! I like this music too much.

    • girlsflyingsolo

      I hadn’t heard this one before listening on your blog. Kind of reminds me of “What you see is what you get.” I love the rawness, of their sound. And No, I don’t this this level of soul is legal either! Great blog.

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