New Riz Khan on “The Other Oil Spill”

For the cats that might not have liked or didn’t follow the whole satirical side of the last posting regarding my disparaging/ hijacking of the “Nigeria” idea, check out this piece from Al Jazeera. There have been a million documentaries and exposés about the half-century of oil spillage in the Niger Delta produced over the past two decades, and this one is no different. Only it just came out today so it’s kind of fresh. And one should recognize that the Federal Government of Nigeria and the foreign oil corporations are one. They are one in the destruction of my native land, the Niger Delta, and its peoples. The FGN is one with its own profound, celebrated and fabulous corruption and brutality. Corporatocracy and oil oligarchy are trouble from Ecuador to the Gulf of Mexico to the Persian Gulf. Anyway, just check it out.

On October 1, 2010, “Nigeria” turns 50. Like DR Congo’s June 30 “jubilee,” we’ve got nothing whatsoever to celebrate. When the local Nigerians parade down Fifth Ave, it’ll be like parading for the exchange of one form of exploitation by whites for the same or greater type of exploitation by blacks. We’ve got hella work to do as Africans. Ain’t neo-colonialism a bitch? More later. Back to work!

One response to “New Riz Khan on “The Other Oil Spill”

  1. I’ve not seen this video yet… as I’m at the library but my blood just boils when the people of the Niger Delta area are neglected and are referred to as so-called militants instead of freedom fighters. The present oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico just reiterates the fact that oil companies are really just there to make money but the differences are that the FGN is not just in bed with the oil company; it’s a marriage of convenience where both parties willingly enter into the union, however, in Nigeria’s its mostly Royal Shell Dutch Oil company that causing the turmoil- by incessantly spilling oil and destroying the land making it inaccessible for the fishermen and other residents of the area whose livelihood and their day-to-day sustenance depends on the land. The likes of Ken Saro-Wiwa and other environmental activists have been killed in search of the insatiable quench of oil… when will it NOT be business as usual?

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