I am an African Vegan.

Pep words for Afrikan vegans: You can come out. Be visible. Show your healthy glistening black self and stand up proud. You are an African. Your skin is some awesome shade of anything sienna to super dark-chocolate. Your hair is tightly curled, strong, black as the universe. You own it like a million dollars. We are Africans. We come from the most beautiful land on this beautiful planet. We have a deep and profound responsibility to the people, sentient beings and land of our continent and planet, but we walk harder because we know we will save the world, full and proud in our blackness.

And we are vegans. We are vegans. We are the black vegans. Okra and spinach stews all day for me. All y’all West African vegans make that egusi soup tight and chop with the best fufu. You know how hype that meatless joloff rice is. I used to roll gari all day in Ghana. Brown rice and groundnut stew. Ethiopians be rocking that njera with black bean stews and all. Then raw vegan fruitarian types like me eat warrior-class mangos in the middle of New Jersey on a warm sunny day and instantly recall a hundred  days in Ghana and Nigeria three years ago. Have to get back to Afrika ASAP and eat all the colorful tree-grown orbs and pearls that make us superhuman.

Eleven years strong as an Afrikan vegan. I’m only 26 so I’m just off the starting line. I maintain beginner’s mind – Zen mind, beginner’s mind. In the beginner’s mind anything is possible, including the will to practice the healthy and happy life nonstop. Struggle does not need to negate happiness. We are Afrikans, we WILL struggle. Yet young Afrikan vegans know how good they feel. Thus they should feel so proud and powerful. Young, gifted, black, vegan!

I’m a Nigerian vegan. We exist. We can come out. All that pastureland chewed off by browsers, we could feed so many more Africans with what we could grow on it than what is fed by the brutally slaughtered animals. Spare their lives. Make Africa the garden that can feed ourselves and the world. Not by giving Nigerian land to white Zimbabwean farmers and displacing black folk all over again. Not by bulldozing the rainforests, nor flooding the Delta with blood and oil.

Maybe African vegans are too sophisticated, too futuristic, too iconoclastic for this world right now. But we are coming out. We exist. We are dedicated. We know about racism and speciesism and sexism and patriarchy and neocolonialism. We know how awesome eating stacks of fresh veggies and fruits makes us look and feel, preventing disease, preventing the African dictator-/ corrupt official-gut. Africans not addicted to meat, nor to rage and anger. Africans loving their own selves, their land, their bodies, their families, the collective Afrikan.

Our body is the temple. Can’t fill it with junk. If we do that we won’t feel like Africans anymore, we won’t have the vigor to do that mandyani, that sabar dancing, that iron sculpting, that inventing. African vegans know this.

African vegans are here. From Dakar to Maputo, Africans are becoming vegan. From Lagos to Lusaka, fresh fruits and vegetables are being taken very seriously. In the lands between Abidjan and Addis, Africans are staying away from the meat. In Kinshasa and Kumasi, black people are getting down with some veganism. I’ve seen it. I’m one of them.

What is awesome?

To be Afrikan, to be Vegan, and proud.

We are not from the future. We are here.

18 responses to “I am an African Vegan.

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  2. Peace family
    Thank You for the support and acknowledgment. I appreciate all the love from the Black Family. Great Blog too! Hotep!

  3. I feel overwhelmed with emotion as I enjoy knowing today that I am not alone in the struggle.

  4. This is a very nice post! I am not African, but my partner is. He is not Vegan but wanting to become one in the future. I am vegan and I loooove Africa although I have never been there, I am saving money to get there soon! I want to meet African vegans too! :0) Peace

  5. I’m trying to switch to a vegetarian diet. Email me if you please. I’d love a vegetarian stew recipe.

  6. This is incredible – you’ll be glad to know we are coordinating a VIP Vegan to save the planet banquet in Durban Dec 1, during COP17 – http://www.vegancop17.org

    We are looking for a key note speaker that can honor and advance your cause! please contact: pamela@bridgemakersconsulting.com



  7. Vegan life is the best! We are living on plants here in Lesotho as well. There may not be many of us but we exist!

  8. Love you all.

    From Sril Lanka

  9. From an African Vegan to another! I’m glad to see there are more of us out there. We are the future. If the Mother continent is destroyed there is no hope for the planet. The only way for the birthplace of humanity to survive is through compassion. Africa is the beginning, the Eden, the garden. We must go back to the beginning, the garden. The tranquility of eating a healthy cruelty free meal and living a cruelty free life cannot be explained it has to be enacted. Africa has given birth to more fruit & seed than any where on earth – they are too delicious & divine to trade for eating death. Stay strong and keep the faith.

  10. What an awesome expression of planetary veganic love. Didn’t it all begin in the Garden of Eden?Was not the Garden of Eden in Africa? I am an African- American vegan of twenty-one years. I am now fifty-six years of age.People ask me how I feel and I feel great physically, but that is only a fraction of how I feel spiritually. I am profoundly connected to all living things, now, and can state emphatically that my level of consciousness has increased in leaps and bounds. It is my fervent desire that the continent of Africa can become a catalyst for vegan and raw food lifestyle reform throughout all of Pan-Africa and beyond.

  11. Cool post, glad to know there are more African vegans out there – check out this blog: http://www.vegannigerian.blospot.co.uk for recipes etc

  12. I’m not African tho’ I am a vegan .My heart sings to know the world is coming together in love and compassion. Yes Africa was the Garden of Eden and can be so again. ‘One Love!’

  13. Love your message. We are holding it down in ATL. Check out foodforthesoul.opare.net

    We must come to the understanding that veganism is now not a mater of lifestyle but a mater of survival.

  14. I absolutely LOVED this!!!! This gets me hyped. I’m a vegan, of Caribbean descent (and thus, African descent!) let me take a moment to day, HAIL TO MY ANCESTORS! I am thankful to be born the way I am and feeding this body sun kissed and green blissed with fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds, beans, roots, legumes, herbs, and grains. Melanin rich food just so happens to be the healthiest food ON EARTH. Dark leafy greens, ripe colorful fruits, carrots, blackberries, blueberries, ahhhh broccoli and CALLALOO! Time to wake the people up. Afro-Vegan is a recipe book by Bryant Terry. Check it out 🙂 🍌🍍🍌🍍🍌 remember the ban an is ready to eat when it starts turning black, full of black spots. That is when it is at its highest nutrition.

  15. Also let us take a moment to appreciate the vegans of other black/brown/dark skinned continents around the world like India where veganism has been practiced for centuries. We must unite! Africa is rising just give it time. I watch BattaBox on YouTube and read Asiri Magazine online as well as Anancy Mag and some local Caribbean newspapers in my neighborhood. I’m Jamaican and the Rastafarians have made being vegan and eating outside EASY for me in my neighborhood. Come to the Bronx in NY and eat at: Vegan’s Delight, Golden Krust, Jackie’s West Indian Food, Jerk Q-Zine, H.I.M, Katashe’s….. We are loaded with vegans! Africa unite! And other black nations please rise up!

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