Raw Veganism in Afrika – Could be Ideal (?)

master13_1.jpgI think that the ecological and economic reasons for raw veganism, or even conventional veganism, make it one of the best diets for Afrikans on the continent. Most Afrikans have other ideas, and Afrika might be the continent with the least vegetarians, or at least the fewest conscious vegetarians. A lot of Afrikans see meat as a prestige. It was isolating being vegan in Afrika, and it made me think a lot about how I could spread vegetarianism there, even though I usually never operated as a vegan evangelist before. The sorts of classes I took in Ghana, on sustainable agriculture, women and development, and traditional medicine, all helped confirm for me that we need a vegan movement in Sub-Saharan Afrika. I feel we need to grow all sorts of great tropical fruits and vegetables for ourselves, and eat them. We must move away from cash-crop economies which leave us dependent on the West, and make us import their rotten meat, their subsidized rice, and so on.


It is winter in New York, my first winter in two years since last winter I was in Ghana. I have the profound sense of not only missing Afrika, but feeling like I really belong there. I find myself sunbathing almost religiously in this wintertime, since as a very very dark-skinned Afrikan I am supposed to be getting the amount of sunlight I would be getting in the tropics to generate the right amount of Vitamin D. I think I am doing well here because I just sit in the sun whenever it is sunny; I’m sitting in the sun right now. I LOVE THE SUN. I like hot weather. I like keeping my skin melanin-stimulated, dark, black, no matter what time of year or what weather. Raw veganism, fitness, and health all require maad sunlight and fresh air, especially for Afrikans.


If I was in Afrika right now, I would be eating maad mangos, Afrikan avocados (whose taste I didn’t allow myself to get used to as I am so accustomed to Mexican/ Californian avocados), maad greens, tomatoes, papayas, guavas, bananas, all the great tropical fruits. Maybe a few raw cashews or raw groundnuts. It would be so easy, as it’s all in the market and is maad affordable, at least to someone who has Western currency.


As Afrika moves towards holistic and self-contained economic and health development, perhaps we could begin to grow more of the superfoods of Asia and elsewhere in our vast, rich soils. We could start cultivating durians, certain types of berries, herbs, nuts and seeds. It would be sweet.


The practice of pastoralism, the grazing of cattle, sheep, etc., is scientifically proven to be an unsustainable way of life compared to settled agriculture, as the browsers eat away the grasses and help expand the Sahara and other deserts. The consumption of meat is scientifically proven to be able to feed far, far fewer humans than mass vegetarianism would. It consumes far, far more water resources, land, food even, to produce meat than to produce veggies. Our starvation could be stemmed with a lot more veganism, and a lot more macrobiotic, self-sufficient, self-feeding agriculture.


And tropical fruits are some of the most heavily relied on ones by raw vegans and fruitarians. Being actually in the tropics would mean easy access to, and ability to grow, our favorite foods.


If I return to Afrika, or move there (or to the Caribbean), I would get land and grow maad tropical fruits and veggies, keep the soil well nourished, make babies with a raw-vegan Afrikan beauty queen, practice and teach fitness and martial arts, eat raw vegan stuff, and live a long life as a revolutionary Afrikan renaissance man. I’d learn an Afrikan language, I’d be maad healthy, build an all-Afrikan bicycle factory powered by wind and solar, spread African Internationalism and socialism, etc. But that’s just crazy dreaming. Afrika is grossly underdeveloped and neo-colonized, though we must stand and fight.


I visited an organic farm in Aburi, Ghana (north of Accra) where the old Afrikan genius there practices sustainable agroforestry. He plants trees. He plants all sorts of fruits, greens, yams, etc. all around them. He was maad inspiring. The photo above is from his land, the photo below of his contact info. I could do that. I could live like that. We all could. “Make the world a garden…”


How I wonder. 



5 responses to “Raw Veganism in Afrika – Could be Ideal (?)

  1. I never heard anyone put forth the thoughts that are in my head. Most people still hold on to the chains they were dealt by oppressors. It is prestigious to have meat, but it’s more than that now. In people’s head’s meat, gas, standardized farming- it’s who they have been for all the time they can remember, at least one hundred years- this is universal, in a universe conquered by oppressors. If people could just understand that even their parent’s parent’s culture is compromised in ways which make them less free, then we would have a chance of survival. If people would just challenge themselves. But, this involves, ego. It involves examining messages we are taught from birth, and for many that means rejecting the emotions and preferences of those they love, or feeling alone. We’ve defined ourselves by how much we measure up to a set of standards that was built for our destruction. That’s the importance of building a community of like minded people; having a support base calms the emotions.

    I’m “African American” and from every culture I’ve come in contact with the aims are the same- indian, chinese, mexican, spanish, african american -we want to have pale daughters, we want to have the popular “cars,” we want everything consumerist culture tells us we should have..and, we don’t understand that consumerist culture is being puppeteered by those who don’t want any of us to grow spiritually. What’s the power in money if humans can teleport, talk with their minds, and control their own circumstances at will? This is what we can be.

    On a side note, coming from California, and hearing of a black dude who seeks out an African woman..that, is something as well. When I started reading your post, I assumed you were a woman. Please don’t take offense, that’s actually a compliment.

  2. I think Christina makes a good point. “If people would just challenge themselves. But, this involves, ego. It involves examining messages we are taught from birth, and for many that means rejecting the emotions and preferences of those they love, or feeling alone.”

    This is the heart of the problem in many instances. Many people who may have considered becoming vegan/vegetarian and or conscious African Americans are more concerned w/fitting into the roles that society has set for them. Since the majority of African Americans are playing these roles, those who may consider operating outside of the parameters set for them by society face isolation from African Americans and other people in the country. This is why groups such as this are so paramount as it relates to helping people to see that there are other people who feel isolated and sometimes alone because of the choices they made to base their lives off of a conscious/moral/ethical/vegan/vegetarian lifestyle.

    In addition to this, we live in a society that values materialism and devalues mental, physical and spiritual enlightenment because as long as people focus on the illusion, they will never wake from the slumber. As long as people are asleep, they are very easily led into paths that are self destructive. Like a sleep walker…walking into a four lane highway.

    We need more of these types of groups, so that people of like minds can come together and awaken more people to the reality of what is really going on.

  3. We are the Divine Children of the Sun and the Sacred Garden Culture is from whence we come. Check out the message of the High Priest Kwatamani at http://www.livefoodsunchild.com. The consumption of raw and living fruits, vegetables, seeds and nuts is the first step…

    You will be interested in the High Priest Kwatamani’s dynamic classic work, “Raw and Living Foods: the First Divine Act and Requirement of a Holistic Living Way of Life.”

    Also, check out his powerful message in, “Exposing the Ice-Cold, Deep-Freeze Mentality and Whole Life Healing of Sexual Energy Within the Divine Parallel”

  4. Peace unto you. I’m a pescetarian but I will go vegan if I can find algae derived DHA supplements. It’s important for vegans to eat whole grains, legumes, fruits and vegetables in general and drink fortified soy milk.

  5. LOVE your ideas. I think you’re 100% right. I see the world changing fast, and people like you are at the forefront of that change – change for the better. The African Renaissance will lead the way.

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