Afrikans Getting Maad Healthy

Uhuru,This blog is dedicated to Afrikans going raw, being serious about raw veganism, live foodism, fruitarianism, etc. I hope to get people and posts up here who are organizing and spreading the raw word among the Afrikan community, as the blog owner is a die-hard Pan-Afrikanist and Afrikan Internationalist as well as a martial artists and raw vegan. Y’all Afrikans that are making raw gourmet recipes from Ethiopian, Ital, Nigerian, Ghanaian, etc. cuisine? I want to hear from you. Y’all Afrikans that travel to or live on the continent or elsewhere and struggle to be vegan, let alone raw vegan, in your travels? Talk to me! I’ve been there! Y’all Afrikans that see the great potential in our community that is locked down by our poor health? Say something! Y’all Afrikans that strive for natural living, natural thinking, natural eating, natural being, and nature itself? Be heard! I will be saying plenty of things. Word!I also have an older political blog: or

I hope as well to be announcing and hosting All-Afrikan raw food potlucks here in the NYC area. For such events, keep an eye on this blog.

7 responses to “Afrikans Getting Maad Healthy

  1. Hei,
    nice to see the idea of fruitarianism is still alive in south afrika.. whatever happened to Essie Honnibal and her movement down there? Any ideas if she is still alive and living on fruit?
    Mango the fruitarian –

  2. Hello,
    Well, I don’t know much about fruitarianism in occupied Azania (South Afrika). I’m a Black Afrikan (Nigerian parents) that lives in New York City, United Snakes, North Amerikkka. I hope there is some fruitarianism going on in Azania, but I’ve never been there. I lived in Ghana and Nigeria for half a year as a cooked-food vegan in 2007. It was not easy, and there are very few Afrikans being vegetarian, let alone vegan or raw vegan. I think that is one reason our health stats are some of the poorest in the world. One Ghanaian was even hostile towards me about being a vegan. So, for my part, I certainly promote veganism and raw veganism in Afrika and wherever Afrikans are.


  3. bless.

    thanks for linking to my space.
    i believe we should link.
    get at me.


  4. Empress Divine

    As a sistah residing in Bed-Stuy, I find the affect of gentrification on the food supply to be utterly amazing. At one point, about ten years ago, if one wanted to purchase simple staples like soy milk and real honey, not that liquefied crap, it meant a trip to Manhattan. Back when Pathmark was the only decent option nearby in Restoration Plaza, I simply stuck with the produce (not organic unfortunately) and brown rice.

    But now that there’s a serious white-out going on in the Stuy, it’s even affecting the quality of food being provided to our formerly ignored and underserved neighborhood. Now the former Pathmark, now known as Foodtown, has an Olive Bar and an entire organic aisle in the store.

    While of course it’s wonderful that these improvements have been made, I find it equally disturbing that the only reason that they are is because whitey has moved on my block. It is a blatant example of how food has always been used as a tool for institutional racism.

    Even ten years ago there was a demand for healthy, organic food in Bed Stuy and many of us spoke up to store merchants and managers about ordering the very items we trekked to Wholefoods for. And I for one, was always told it wouldn’t sell. There wasn’t a demand for it. Such bullshit! You have Afrikan Americans that have been health conscious since the days of Dick Gregory, before it was trendy. You have entire families that have raised their children, as result, in this manner so there has always been a demand.

    My other concern is, though organic products are becoming so widely available in Bed-Stuy, it’s at a much higher price than in Manhattan, still making it inaccessible for many in our community. It seems by any means the establishment is trying to prevent proper nutrition. We in turn must continue to educate those around us in spite of this. We should form a food co-op to make this lifestyle affordable and accessible to all.

    Also, we should follow-up with the idea of the potluck. We within the Afrkan community must be supportive of one another in our quest for optimum health and vitality. I just transitioned from being vegan for the last 7 years to a completely raw diet. I would love to learn from others how their experience has been.

    -Empress Divine

  5. HTP Brother.

    I just want to give a shout out to you, for spreading positivity over the frequencies of the net.

    I am often too lazy or not interested to even reply to blogs, but as of late realize that I have seek out actively the things that will bring nourishment to my entire physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual being. SO I thought I’d shout out because 1) you spell Afrikan with a k, that had me hooked and 2) you are nigerian, as am I and finally, 3) you seem to be on the right tip in terms of what we must do to liberate ourselves.

    Much love to you, I’ll do my best to come back.

    Oh yes, and right now I am sitting here eating my vegan dinner (though not raw), might interest you to know that as well.

    And to Sister Empress Divine, I feel that statement of food gentrification. Though I am not residing in the states, I listen to our street prophets, and one of them has made a bold and clear statement that he is” trying to tell my homies that they need to stop rapping about the ghetto and the hood as if it’s something to be glorified. Because soon, there won’t be any hood left. Gentrification is coming and it’s real”. Just remembered that when you wrote about “whiting out” of Bed stuy.

    Stay blessed, black and beautiful.

    – Chi

  6. Peace Chi,

    Thanks for the positive feedback. This gentrification issue is happening everywhere! Brothers and Sistahs must be aware of how this affects our communities on all levels, including food.

    You stay blessed as well.


  7. Along with healthy eating, Africa and its daughters in the caribbean etc should legalize ganja and import it to boost economy and strengthen ties between countries. Medicinal ganja is healthy

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